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In addition to handling the general commercial needs of your organisation Barley Insurances Ltd offers specialist knowledge and experience in the following areas...


Charitable / Not-for-Profit Organisations

Charitable and not-for-profit organisations have specific needs that require specialist knowledge.  These issues revolve around liabilities, grant & donation based revenues and volunteer workforce.


Questions that need to be asked (amongst others) are:


1. Is Business Interruption necessary?

2. Is there a requirement for Health & Safety in your organisation?

3. Are there any liabilities as an officer of the organisation?


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4WD Off-Road / Classic Cars / Car Clubs / Overseas Car Tours & Rallies

As classic car and hobby car enthusiasts we have developed a package of specialist covers to suit most needs:


• 4WD Off-Road insurance

• Association Liability insurance for car clubs

• Classic Car insurance including classic trucks, military vehicles and motorcycles

• Classic Car Overseas Tour Package including travel, vehicle transit and overseas car cover


Click here for further information 4WD , Classic Car and Car Club or phone to discuss further.



Body Corporate Insurance

Body Corporates often contain risks which can get overlooked.  We make sure that such details as parking areas, common recreation areas, elevators and shared drives are accommodated along with Health & Safety requirements and Association Liability risks as defined by the Building Act.


Click here for our Body Corporate Fact Sheet or phone to discuss further.



Liability Insurances

In today’s litigious business environment Liability insurances have become a necessity for every business and extend not just to Public, Statutory and Employers Liability but to Cybernet Risk, Directors & Officers Liability and Professional Indemnity.


These insurances are highly technical and require a depth of knowledge around such issues as retroactive continuity clauses.


Details which also need to be considered are:


• Where you operate your business?

• Where is your market?

• What are the conditions of contract?

• Are terms of trade necessary?



Marine Cargo

It’s not just about insuring your goods, it is also about providing advice that ensures that product has the best chance of getting to destination safely.


Click here for our Classic Car Marine Transit Fact Sheet or phone to discuss your commercial Marine Cargo needs.



Contract Works  / Domestic Construction

Whether a domestic construction project or a major construction it takes specialist knowledge to get this cover right and organised on time.


Insurers will not provide insurance cover if the project has already started so we recommend

that you approach us as soon as possible to organise cover.  Detailed documentation will be required and we are happy to work with your project manager to obtain the necessary information.


Click here for our Domestic Construction Fact Sheet or phone now with any enquiries.




Franchise business systems (from both the perspective of the franchisor and franchisees) have a structure resulting in very specific needs which are not always readily understood.  Barley Insurances Ltd has been a member of the Franchise Association of NZ since 1999 and has a depth of knowledge of the franchise industry.


Transport Industry / Trucking

 Through our years of experience within this industry we have become very much aware of the unique risk profile of the sector.  With our RiteTrack sister service we have recognised a need for the incorporation of models and tools that can be utilised by transport companies/individuals to prevent losses from occurring, thus saving premium and increasing productivity.  In addition to the standard insurance model, if requested we will also look at the patterns within the business which includes driver health and the business environment.  Barley Insurances is a member of  the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport and the Road Transport Association NZ   



We have affiliations with strategic partners worldwide who can provide added value to our solutions.